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I Dream of Writing Doctor Who Adventures

I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who. I love the fact that it is probably the most malleable format ever created. You have an alien time traveller which opens up so many possible stories. The fact that the main character is an alien leads you to the conclusion that aliens exist and that you can do any story in space or science fiction, the fact that he travels through time even further broadens that idea and gives you all of history and whatever you want to come up with as a future to play with. The fact that you have all of time and space to have adventures in just shows that the possibilities are endless.

Whenever I love something I always daydream about what I’d do if I were doing my own version. My love of Doctor Who has led me to imagine an entire series of adventures with The Doctor. Exploring different times and worlds. I’ve learned from the 4 seasons of the 2005 revival that the key to a memorable Doctor Who run is a good companion. Rose played that role quite successfully in the first half of the series.

A lot of people always imagine themselves as the Doctor, but I’m different. I like thinking of myself as a companion, the one asking the whats and whys of it all and the one who goes ooh and ah with every opening of the TARDIS door. My imaginary series has an idealized version of myself as the companion. An orphan by the name of Elliot (a reference to one my cherished sci-fi movies) whose main story is that he is looking for his family and what better way to look for them than with the help of a time traveller.

Now I’d like to preface this as something completely fan-wanky and just me daydreaming things. I don’t intend on actually seriously pursuing any of these stories and that i don’t really care much whether any of you think their good ideas or not. (basically don’t be mean to me about these, I’m looking at you, Peter)

I originally wanted the stories to be 10th Doctor adventures because he was the Doctor I was used to but down the line I realized how there was a whole 8th Doctor whose adventures has not seen the glow of a television screen.

So with little research about the expanded universe formed with books and audio plays featuring Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor, I decided that I wanted my stories to be set in his time line.

I mapped out an entire season with one massive story arch that would be stretched over 12 episodes. The main story centers on a Star Wars like space opera between a rag tag group of mercenaries and a giant evil empire all relating to Elliot’s quest for a ‘family’.

I’m thinking since this is about the 8th Doctor which means he was younger and that this was before the dark times of the new series after the trauma involved with the Time War, I’m setting this as more of an adventure series as opposed to the darkness/love story of the 9th and 10th’s stories. Or the fairy tale world of the much older 11th Doctor

The first story I needed to write was to show how Elliot and the Doctor would meet.

Series 1, Episode 1 - “Echoes

Synopsis: Set in America exactly 10 years after the events of the TV movie. The story begins with an orphan dropped off at an orphanage one night with a mysterious key around his next, fast forward many years later and the kid wanders into an old hole-in-the-wall antique store that just happens to feature an old Police Box. No one’s ever opened it because it’s locked. The, kid on a strange whim, uses his key which works. He finds that it is bigger on the inside but it’s just one giant dark room and in the middle is an old  gram-o-phone. He cranks it up to play and suddenly, the TARDIS reconfigures itself around him and The Master and the Doctor are released, as it turns out they have both been trapped in an alternate radio wave dimension (to canonize all of the 8th Doctor’s audio adventures), a sort of back-up prison the Time Lords devised in case The Master restores himself. The Master gains control of the TARDIS and turns it into a giant labyrinth filled with various monsters and aliens across time and space and it is up to The Doctor and his new companion to stop find him and take back control of the time machine.

I knew I wanted the first story to have a venerable monster in it that would be the stuff of nightmares but at the same time I wanted the monster to be simple. In my mind I wanted the monsters to pretty much be “The Gentlemen” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Simple yet incredibly creepy. I used their image as the main inspiration for the thing that would bring Elliot and the Doctor together.

Series 1, Episode 2 - “The Tesla Exposition

synopsis: It is the French World’s Fair in 1902 and the Doctor and Elliot are surprised to find Nikola Tesla putting together an experiment at the top of the newly opened Eiffel Tower. All goes awry when the machine is sabotaged by Thomas Edison who teleports a terrible alien creature that is hellbent on killing all it sees.

The second episode I knew I wanted to be set in the past and possibly with a historical figure attached (in this case, Nikola Tesla, even though I’ve done little to no research about any historical accuracy). I also wanted to introduce Elliot (who at this point is the avatar for the audience) to the idea of real aliens and a firm grasp of how dangerous traveling with the Doctor can be.

I loved the idea of the movie Alien where this unseen creature is stalking a group of people and killing them one by one. It lets your imagination go crazy and leaves quivering in fear. This basically led me to wanting a Doctor Who version of that but set in the 1900’s where you had people who would have absolutely no clue how to deal with such an event. I also needed something so fearsome that even the Doctor would not know what it is (I needed a monster that was iconic enough and dangerous enough that it would be part of the over-all story arch for the series)

Series 1, Episode 3 - “The Train Job

Synopsis: The distant Future looks more like the wild west as Elliot and the Doctor find themselves in the middle of a train robbery where Elliot’s “antique” phone gets him kidnapped by a rag tag band of mercenaries. The Doctor on the other hand is contacted by Irina Derevko, an agent of the galactic empire who has been awaiting his return.

The first major mythology episode, I wanted to be a crossover with one of my other favorite science fiction shows, Joss Whedon’s Firefly (before the events of the first episode). I wanted to use this episode to introduce the major players for the finale, an upcoming Jack and the Beanstalk scenario of this small group fighting a giant empire. The cast of Firefly would also work to serve Elliot’s overall arch as an orphan searching for a family.

Irina Derevko, I based on Cate Blanchett’s character from the 4th Indiana Jones movie. I wanted her to be a female Grand Moff Tarkin who would confront the Doctor with information about an impending prophecy.

Series 1, Episode 4 - “The Runaway

Synopsis: Elliot asks the Doctor to take him back in time to when his mother abandoned him in an orphanage as a baby, however a miscalculation sends the TARDIS to a later time and unwittingly lets a 5 year old Elliot run away to look for his family rendering him a target of an evil alien circus and endangering his very existence.

This episode would focus on Elliot and serve as a deconstruction of his psyche by showing him as a child. I wanted the whole episode to focus on youth and what it means to be a kid, and that automatically involved the notion of clowns. Clowns are creepy and its a no brainer that they would make great Doctor Who monsters. I also wanted to contrast the children with an old crone that would serve as a sort of Cruella De Ville-type main bad guy who wanted children’s youth to prolong her own life with the clowns as her hench men.

The fact that this is a 5 year old Elliot being taken by the bad guys allows for some timey-wimey fun with the whole process.

Series 1, Episode 5 - "The Kingdom of Time"

Synopsis: It’s 1925 and while looking for El Dorado, Lord Percy Fawcett encounters The Doctor and Elliot who are being stalked by a sentient race of plants in the Amazon. They soon discover an ancient lost civilization that is at war with the plants. The Doctor, Elliot and Lord Fawcett must choose sides between the Human empire and the Living Plants, but only one race will survive.

This is a fairly complicated episode that’s set in the past. We first meet Lord Fawcett, one of the most legendary explorers of his time. We see that this is his last expedition, in which he and his son vanish without a trace in the heart of the uncharted Amazon Rainforest. The Doctor and Elliot arrive to save his life as he is about to be eaten by mysterious beings which are later revealed to be living plants. We later see an ancient civilization that lives in the heart of the jungle. It survives because of an ancient time meddling device that essentially freezes plants within a certain area.

A war is brewing between the two factions and the leader of the empire wishes to exterminate all the living plants into extinction so he can expand his empire going as far as sacrificing people to the gods for the cause. The Doctor decides to destroy the time meddling device and lets the plants take over the city and destroy the empire in exchange for the people, who will disband and live amongst the jungle without tainting it will be unharmed.

Series 1, Epsiode 6 - “Ghosts of Neptune

Synopsis: The Doctor and Elliot must prevent an undersea research expedition on the planet Neptune from discovering a hidden alien kingdom. The Doctor befriends Elena, a marine biologist in search of the legendary Colossal Squid.

The Doctor sort of gets a love story in this one with the Marine biologist. There’s even a little scene where he shows her a giant squid in its natural habitat. It’s basically an episode of SeaQuest with the Doctor running around and it’s set on Neptune.

Series 1, Episode 7 - "The Metal Mask"

Synopsis: Elliot’s roommate finds a strange metal mask in a junkyard where several bodies have been found dead. The Doctor and Elliot arrive to investigate only to find out that the mask is one of many alien parasites that have arrived on earth turning people into zombies once they are attached.

I wanted to have an episode set in a junkyard along with an episode about zombies and the idea of a “hive mind” kinda like the Ood but evil. The metal masks are parasites that latch on to living organisms and feed off of them.

Series 1, Episode 8  - “Mysteries Of Greenfield Mansion

Synopsis: The TARDIS gets broken and as the Doctor parks it in an old abandoned manor, wormholes begin to appear all throughout the house to various points in space and time. Aliens and historical figures then begin to seep through each with their own vendetta to take over earth and to make matters worse, UNIT shows up and decides to quarantine the manor leaving Elliot, The Doctor and Amelia Earhart trapped in the manor with a hodgepodge of aliens and monsters from across the universe.

I took the idea of this episode from a Futurama comic book. I thought it would be great to have the Doctor inter-act with multiple historical figures and aliens.

Series 1, Episode 9 - “Death Star

Synopsis: The crew of Serenity are hired by the galactic Empire to deliver a mysterious crate from a far off planet. Elliot suddenly appears warning them not to deliver the cargo and just as quickly as he appeared, he’s gone. Meanwhile, The Doctor and Elliot are summoned by Irina Derevko to a new imperial battlestation which holds some of the empire’s darkest secrets but things take a turn when the Emperor himself appears and claims he knows the Doctor.

Technically the beginning of the 4 episode season finale. It gets very Star Warsy from this point with a giant collage of past monsters and aliens. The jist of it is that Irina has been gathering supernatural and occult items from across the galaxy as part of the Emperor’s orders. These include aliens that are unknown to the rest of the universe. A collection of these artifacts have been gathered into the Death Star, the Empire’s premiere battle station. One of the artifacts is an unknown egg that is being delivered by the crew of Serenity. The egg contains a Xenomorph from the second episode (it is revealed that the monster was teleported into the Eiffel Tower from an imperial cargo ship that got eaten by a black hole). The crew soon learn of the empire’s most guarded secrets including the real origins of the Reavers and just as they are about to spread the word out across the universe, The empire gets to them, luckily they are rescued by the Doctor, but not for long.

Series 1, Episode 10 - “Torn

Synopsis: The TARDIS crashes and Elliot along with the crew of Serenity must look for the Doctor inside the massive ship, only to realize that there is a traitor in their midst and she has taken over, forcing Elliot and the crew of Serenity to face their biggest fears. But what is the traitor after? And what is trapped deep inside the TARDIS?

I wanted an episode set entirely inside the TARDIS that would show how massive the ship is. I also wanted an episode that would get inside the heads of all the supporting characters and really break them all down. Irina Derevko has psychic powers and she messes with everybody’s head through Inara but what she’s really after is something hidden in the eye of the TARDIS and it is none other than, The Master, the Doctor’s greatest rival.

It turns out, The Master was the Emperor all along and everyone was a pawn to his inevitable resurrection. He inhabits Irina’s body and takes the TARDIS with everyone in it hostage, leading to the next episode.

Series 1, Episode 11 - “A Closer Look

synopsis: -Thanks to the Master, Elliot is displaced in time and space involuntarily leaping through different points in his own time line. He meets a previous incarnation of the Doctor and enlists his aide as the only other time traveler he can contact. He then realizes that all the little coincidences that led to him traveling with the Doctor was caused by himself. The Doctor and Elliot then work together to take Elliot back to the Master’s battle station.

I wanted a fancy recap episode and I wanted a creative way to do another Doctor-lite episode. This also sets up Elliot’s importance to the series which would be further illuminated in the second season.

Series 1, Episode 12 - “The Battle of Miranda

Synopsis: The Master wishes to take over the universe by sending armies of Xenomorphs to infest far off planets along with turning the human empire into an empire of Reavers. Meanwhile, Elliot and the tenth Doctor arrive at the shadow proclamation asking them to intervene. What follows is a battle to end the Master’s reign of terror.

The big finale where everything gets tied up. It’s split between 3 story threads, The Master and the Doctor’s drama on board the Death Star, The escaped crew of Serenity rallying the demonic Reavers (just like in the movie) to destroy the Master. And Elliot and the 10th Doctor convincing the Time Lords to intervene. The whole thing ends with a massive space battle between the empire and the reavers, which is then followed by a war between reavers and xenomorphs leaving the battle station in ruins. the Master escapes and Elliot learns what it’s like to have a family in the crew of Serenity. The Doctor then gives him the choice to stay with them. To which he refuses. I’m thinking of giving everyone except the Doctors and Elliot a mind-wipe at the end.

There you have the first season. The second series gets even more mythological but I’m kinda tired of typing so I’ll just leave it at that for now.


The Second Season will feature the return of Romana, the return of Daleks and the set-up for the legendary Time War. Unlike the first series, there will be more focus on the Doctor’s story and Elliot will be relegated to a more traditional companion role. (I’m still debating whether or not to kill him off at the end of series 2 or have series 3 center around how he dies but he is for sure going to die somehow before the Time War.)

Series 2, Episode 1 - “Second Coming

The Doctor takes Elliot home but the two are shocked to find that the whole town is in ruins and that everyone appears to be possessed. An evil Alien in the guise of a beautiful lady seems to be the cause of all this and she claims that she is from both Elliot’s and the Doctor’s future.

Series 2, Episode 2 - “The Forbidden Eye

While visiting ancient China, The Doctor and Elliot notice that the Ming Dynasty is advancing quite rapidly with their naval technology meanwhile, the government is taking street urchins out of the street and into the palace, never to be heard from again. They soon discover that one of the Doctor’s most notorious foes is behind it all.

I want to see a Dalek in China. A renegade Dalek is behind all the mysterious advancements in the chinese navy which was notoriously destroyed after an order from the new emperor came through. A Dalek wants to use China as a means for world domination, biding his time before offering earth up to his planet. The big twist is that this Dalek actually comes to care for the humans and leaves on his own accord by the end of the episode.

Series 2, Episode 3 - “The Last Pharaoh” - Romana summons the Eighth Doctor to ancient egypt where an ancient evil is about to be unwittingly unleashed by a grave robber.

Series 2, Episode 4 - “The Eleventh Plague” - The egyptian gods have escaped and wreak havoc through out egypt. The Doctor, Romana and Elliot must figure out how to stop them before it is too late.

Series 2, Episode 5 - “Rayearth

Synopsis: The Doctor takes Elliot to a distant forest planet where Dinosaurs exist. A tribe of semi humans seek their aid to save a princess taken hostage by an evil warlord.

I wanted an episode that featured dinosaurs and was just a full-on fantasy adventure. This would allow for some imaginative art production. The premise is simple enough, The Doctor and Elliot are captured by natives and must agree to some mission that involves them saving a princess from a tyrant lord.

Of course it won’t be much fun if it were that easy. There’s a huge backstory that is uncovered and the princess actually wanted to be captured because she’s in love with the Lord with whom she can’t be together because of the messed up traditions of that world. In the end, she asks The Doctor and Elliot to kill her after her lover dies in battle. The Doctor of course immortalizes her and her lover in some far off planet to live happily ever after.

Series 2, Episode 6 -“Beethoven’s Lost Symphony” - Young Beethoven is the target of being kidnapped by aliens because he is the only one who can pilot a musically controlled space ship that will save the galaxy.

Series 2, Episode 7 - “Epiphany Of The Dalek” - The Doctor and Elliot run into the renegade Dalek once more but it seems as though he has fallen in love with a planet of insect aliens.

Series 2, Episode 8 - “Invasion of the Daleks” - The Dalek empire descends upon the planet of the insects and the Renegade Dalek battles the empire with the Doctor and Elliot.

Series 2, Episode 9 - “The Lost Colony”  - Thinking they’ve landed in the future, The Doctor and Elliot are shocked to find an 18th century colony on a far off planet.

Series 2, Episode 10 - “The Monster From Out of Space”/ “The Four Doctors” - The Doctor is dead, or it looks like it since he’s been eaten by a strange mutant space monster thing that exists simultaneously across time and space, or at least that’s what Martha Jones calls it, a supposed companion of the Doctor from the future. Elliot must figure out weather to trust her. Meanwhile, The 10th Doctor and Donna Noble, The 9th Doctor and Jack Harkness and The 11th Doctor and Amy and Rory Pond all fight the same monster in different points in time.

Series 2, Episode 11 - “Elliot’s Nightmare” - Young Elliot keeps having nightmares but what’s worse is that the nightmares seem to be materializing, only the Doctor can help him find his escaped Nightmare and bring it back before the world is destroyed.

Series 2, Episode 12 - “The Other History” - The world is ruled by sentient dinosaurs for some reason and Martha Jones summons Nikola Tesla and his robot from an alternate universe to seek the aid of the lost Doctor.

Series 2 Episode 13 - “

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